Solid, safe and sustainable

Revolutionary technology

Biocompatible technology that makes materials resistant to bacteria, viruses (including Sars-CoV-2) and biofilm. So far patented in 44 countries.


Approved for use against food, completely biocompatible, non-toxic and 100% safe.

No migration

There is no migration principle that creates the self-cleansing effect, ie things that leak out and remove / kill organisms

Without nano-silver

Nano-silver can be toxic and contribute to antibiotic resistance. It is specially washed out of the product so that it can be inhaled or digested.

No toxic chemicals

The technology does not contain toxic substances, no biocides or other harmful or toxic chemicals.

No nanodimension

The technology is on a micrometric scale. We do not use nanoparticles or nano-materials.

No surface coating

The functionality of the technology is integrated into the material. So it will never disappear or get worn out.


The applications of the technology are almost as versatile as there are products in the world. It helps prevent bacterial or viral growth through cleaner surfaces on the products where the technology is integrated. Technology can also contribute to challenges such as bacterial growth and biofilm in products related to packaging, air conditioning, ventilation, water supply, drainage, etc.

Clean + Protect ™ can help keep food fresher and fresher for a longer period of time, and can perform at the highest level in terms of safety around the food. It works excellently in all types of packaging in PP, PE and PET plastic. Prevents cross-contamination, bacterial growth and the formation of biofilm or other unwanted growth and reduces bad odor.

By preventing biofilm (bacteria) and spreading them on the surface of the implants with the biocompatible Clean + Protect ™, the defense mechanism is imitated by the human immune system. Increasing the safety of plastic materials in hospital environments could reduce the spread / spread of nosocomial infections (ref-hospital infections).

The benefits of a more hygienic surface are innumerable and the uses endless. Products that contain Clean + Protect ™ achieve greater safety when used than similar products without this technology. We can mention many examples, from food packaging to plastic boxes in security at airports, shopping baskets etc. - plastic products that people use all the time. There are many studies and publications that confirm challenges related to spread of virus and bacterial infection through surfaces on products.

Prevents clogged drains, leaks and provides safety when it comes to the water tap or other water supply. We improve the mechanical properties of the plastic by implementing the technology and therefore prevent the formation of biofilm or the growth of other bacteria in the drainage system. It improves overall hygiene and prevents outbreaks. It also provides a property that protects against legionella, which grows in such systems.

Materials can be significantly degraded by bacteria and mold. The properties of the product may be affected by visible stains, discoloration and bad odor. By reducing or preventing mold and bacterial growth, the surface will become more hygienic, and it will also prevent aging of the material. Clean + Protect ™ will be able to help preserve the material's strength and color, which in turn increases the product's overall quality and service life.

Various long-term experiments show enormous effects of Clean + Protect ™ on the growth of algae or other organisms that are found in the aquaculture. Tests that lasted for 6 months and a large experiment over a period of 8 to 12 months with fishing nets, show a complete absence of algae growth and harmful water bacteria. The technology helps to keep the fishing nets clean and light, reduces the need for maintenance, and at the same time extends their service life.

Clean + Protect ™ in textile products is very exciting in several areas, also in relation to acne problems. This is because it reduces the possibility of the formation and spread of bacteria/viruses on textiles, and as a result of this again it is registered that there is also a reduction of bad smells which is often caused by bacteria/viruses on textiles.


Our unique technology has been tested and approved against various ISO-standards and a wide range of bacteria and fungi.

Our technology delivers a self-cleaning performance of 99.3% or higher measured according to ISO 22196 or JIS Z2801.
Kjetil Christoffersen
CEO / Product developer

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The technology is based on the skin's defense mechanism or immune system, which consists of trace elements of zinc. This therefore gives the materials a completely unique self-cleaning property that is not toxic to humans or animals.

ZincIn's vision is to always be able to establish or facilitate that we make the products or production both sustainable and environmentally friendly. We always want to be a provider that meets the customer's requirements and specifications, and at the same time strikes a blow for the environment.

Our technology is suitable for most types of plastic such as PP, PE and PET. 

We work with skilled manufacturers both in Europe and in China, depending on the type of products and suppliers.

We are currently working on several new projects and products that require time and resources. Therefore, we do not start developing new products until current projects are completed.

Clean + Protect ™ has been tested and approved against various ISO standards and a wide range of bacteria and fungi. We have all the necessary certificates that this technology is associated with. You can read more about certification by reading about Clean+Protect™ her.

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