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Hygienic Half Mask has achieved FFP2 certification and CE certification. We are proud to present a mask that provides more than 94% protection to the user for particles or aerosols and that is environmentally friendly, self-cleaning with a patented technology in 44 countries to date.

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    What makes our face mask Hygienic Half Mask unique?

    The world's first cloth mask with FFP2 certification, integrated filters and without biocides
    The half mask has good breathability and is designed for long-term use. The nonwoven pattern gives a siphon effect that reduces clamminess and sweatingThe half mask feels soft and skin friendly.

    4-layer filtration system that does not require replacement of filters
    Outer layers and inner layers have integrated technology that prevents so-called "mask" or mask acne. Filtration layers 2 and 3 consist of PTFE Nanofilm filter and ES fiber filter which both contribute to the FFP2 certification.

    Fabric produced with trace element of zinc
    The fabric in Hygienic Half Mask is made to reduce pimples, skin irritations and friction which occurs with the use of face masks over a long period of time (or so-called «mask»). The technology is produced using the skin's own defense mechanism and is based on based on trace elements from zinc, which is known for its wound healing properties. At the same time, it provides a self-cleansing effect that prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses.

    Reusabe and washable
    Wash if necessary. When washing, we recommend the use of a washing bag and a normal washing sequence of 60 degrees. Based on the standard EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009, it is possible in some cases to have the particle filtering half mask approved for reuse, but this presupposes that you follow 8.4 and 8.5 in accordance with this. Wash in 60 degrees and air dry. Withstands minimum 200 washes on normal washing cycle

    Nose clip and adjustable ear straps
    Nose clip for better fit and tightening function on the straps behind the ears.

    Material in Hygienic Half Mask

    60% polypropylen
    20% PTFE Nanofilm
    20% ES fiber

    Problems with pimples after using a face mask?

    Hygienic Half Mask can help you with «maskne»!

    The fabric/material in Hygienic Half Mask is made to reduce skin irritations and friction that occurs when wearing a face mask for a long time. Our face mask therefore does not irritate the skin and reduces the accumulation of impurities .

    Clean + Protect ™ is produced using the skin's own defense mechanism and is based on trace element zinc , which is known for its wound healing property.

    The pattern of the non-woven fabric also provides a siphon effect (breathable pipe system) that reduces dampness and sweat, and has a water-repellent property.

    The half mask feels soft and skin friendly.

    In general, "mask" is an umbrella term for several skin conditions that can be caused by face masks. This may include:

    • Pimples. Pimples occur when the pores are clogged by, for example, oil, dead skin cells and / or other particles.
    • Rosacea. If you have rosacea, wearing a face mask can result in a worsening condition.
    • Contact dermatitis or contact dermatitis. The condition occurs when one is allergic or sensitive to the material that is in contact with the skin. It can cause rash, irritation, and / or blisters.
    • Folliculitis. Infections of the hair follicles and appear as bumps on the skin with a pimple-like appearance. It can be very painful.

    Hygienic Half Mask

    Hygienic Half Masks equipped with integrated filters that can neither be nor should be replaced. Washable at 60 degrees, has a nose clip for better fit and tightening function on the straps behind the ears for better comfort.
    Meets the requirement for FFP2 certification.

    Size guide

    • Medium – A: 20cm B: 13cm
    • Large – A: 25cm B: 14.5cm

    To measure your face to find the right size:

    A: Measure from the outer edge of the cheekbones, over to the same point on the opposite side.

    B: Measure well from under the chin to over the tip of the nose.

    Unique properties

    Unique technology

    Non-toxic self-cleaning technology that has been patented in 44 countries to date.

    No toxic chemicals

    Contains no toxic or harmful to health and environmental chemicals.


    Can be washed at 60 degrees and air dried.

    Adjustable ear straps

    Tightening function on the straps behind the ears.

    Nose clip

    Nose clip for better fit.

    Tested and certified

    Technology tested and certified against various ISO standards.

    Unique technology

    Future-oriented and sustainable self-cleaning technology.

    Reduces maskne

    The material in our half mask prevents skin irritation and the formation of maskne.

    Tested and certified

    Technology that has been tested and approved against various ISO standards.

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