• Non-toxic self-cleaning technology with 99.9% efficiency i.a. mot E-coli. 100% recyclable with ISO 22196 Standard
  • Based on trace elements of zinc that make the surface resistant to virus and bacterial growth.
  • High edge for less spills, and easier to clean.
  • Large comfortable seat that is good to sit on.
  • Feet that increase stability.
  • Kommer i tre farger: Grå, Rosa og Blå



Award winner for the best potty training partner of the year 2022 in the Mother and Baby Awards in the UK. See the review and background here . The pot has a high splash edge which makes it easy for the child to use and easy to clean. In addition, it has a deep seat and 4 feet for higher stability and is added the self-cleaning technology Clean + Protect TM which has been proven to reduce the growth of bacteria by up to 99.9%, which is the world's first in potty training.

  • The technology is part of the material and does not disappear when washed or worn.
  • Our potty prevents splashes and has a safe and wide seat edge for the child.
  • Grip above and below for stable surface. 
  • Kan rengjøres kun ved bruk av vann etter hver bruk eller med vanlige vaskemidler.
  • The perfect pot for potty training.